BWXR019C Chantal Round Set

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The BWXR019C Chantal Round Set is designed for the confident and self-assured woman who isn't afraid to take charge. This revolutionary product will give you the confidence boost you need to make a statement with your style. With its adhesive cloth round nipple covers, this product can be conveniently stored in the box packaging for easy access and hassle-free use.

Let's face it: sometimes fashion takes compromising pictures, and most women would rather not invest in bulkier options like silicone bras or foam pieces that add bulkier layers of fabric around their chests. The BWXR019C Chantal Round Set fixes that problem, leaving you comfortable with a filmy layer of coverage across your chest that won't show through your clothing. And from a sexy perspective, secretly knowing it's hidden underneath will give you an extra confidence boost throughout the day. The adhesive won't leave any residue either so when you finally want to remove it at the end of a long night - no worries!

When investing in lingerie and intimacy, nothing should stand between you and achieving this level of confidence without compromise; especially not bulky coverings that only leave more questions than answers. Take control of your wardrobe today with the BWXR2019C Chantal Round Set! Experience an unparalleled feeling of sexy sophistication while enjoying your favorite outfits – all without having to worry about those embarrassing dress slips or inconvenient wardrobe malfunctions!