Pastease Hands - Black O-s

Meet Pastease Hands – Black O-s, the pasties of your wildest dreams! Looking to take the plunge and turn some heads? These are for you. With Pastease Hands, you'll get intense waterproof protection so your swimsuit won't just look amazing but will stay that way. Plus, with great tan lines and a hint of sexy sheerness under any top, doors will open up in the fashion world like never before. Even better — you can reuse them great if you need a refresher. All you have to do is remove oils & lotions from your skin before applying them, peel off the backing, adhere them onto your nipples then enjoy! When it’s time to take them off later on, simply remove gently. Enjoy snug as a bug in a rug confidence no matter what you're wearing! Get Pastease Hands – Black O-s today and be sure they stay secure while being daringly scandalous all at once.